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Trim Collection Separation

Reclaim Systems

Process Material Handling

  • Bale Opener
    The BO-42x42 bale opener utilizes a variable speed bale conveyor belt to move the fluff/fiber bale into the TEARING ROLLS. These rolls fiberize the compacted bales into uniform fluff. The fluff is pneumatically extracted from the tearing chamber and conveyed to the reserve and volumetric feeder.

    Bale Opener

  • Material Baler
    Designed specifically for fiber & nonwoven applications.

    Material Baler

Process Air Filtration

  • Anatomy of a Drum Filter
    Theory and overview of an Ibis drum filter

    Anatomy of a Drum Filter

  • Condensers
    Air containing fiber and dust is pulled through the fine mesh stainless steel screen covering the rotating drum. The material is captured by the screen and accumulates on the drum surface forming a mat which becomes an efficient filter media. The degree of filtration is proportionate to the mat thickness. The clean air exits from the filter through the center or the screen drum.


  • Diverters and Slide Gates
    Ibis offers an assortment of different diverter valve and slide gate sizes that allow for total control over your system’s air flow.

    Diverters and Slide Gates

  • Fans
    Our systems are equipped with Heavy Duty Industrial Fans which include Clean Air, Material Handling and High Pressure. Ibis offers a wide range of Fans & Ventilators that are specifically engineered for your application.


  • Final Filter - Cartridge filter
    Extensively used throughout the hygienic product industry for the past 10 years. Effective on plastic regrind dust, tissue dust from slitting and rewinding, and air-laid nonwoven processes.

    Final Filter - Cartridge filter

  • G-3 Drum Filter
    A time tested and proven design for use with any fibrous application, the G-3 Rotary Drum Filter is used to provide the proper airflow and vacuum for many types of dry fiber forming processes. The most common application is for hygienic product converting machines that produce baby diapers, sanitary napkins, hospital pads, surgical pads, and incontinence products.

    G-3 Drum Filter

  • HEPA Filter
    Ibis International high-capacity HEPA filters are manufactured from the highest quality components, under demanding quality control conditions, and are certified to ensure performance in efficiencies from 99.97 to 99.99 percent on 0.3 micron particles.

    HEPA Filter

  • Ibis Vee-Max Drum Filter
  • Media Filters
    Ibis offers a wide range of filter media to cover all potential customers’ needs. Please view our brochure to get a list of available media and specifications.

    Media Filters

Plant Housekeeping


Material Dosing Metering

  • Volumetric Feeder
    The lbis Volumetric Feeder Design is used throughout the hygienic product and nonwoven industry. The VF provides accurate metering of virgin pulp, reclaim, thermal, and curly fibers.

    Volumetric Feeder

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